2013-12-30 moteusCode refactoring.
2013-12-30 moteusFix. call `join` on gc for attached not joinable thread.
2013-12-30 moteusChange. does not register llthread loader.
2013-12-27 moteusAdd. pass cfunctions to child thread.
2013-12-27 moteusFix. detach joined thread.
2013-12-27 moteusFix. child struct for start(true, true) should be destr...
2013-12-27 moteusAdd. logger test
2013-12-26 moteusFix. Open libraries with luaL_openlibs.
2013-12-26 moteusFix. register bit32 library on Lua5.2
2013-12-26 moteusFix. remove magic numbers.
2013-12-26 moteusFix. Register LuaJIT built-in libraries.
2013-12-26 moteusUpdate [ci skip]
2013-12-26 moteusAdd. `joinable` parameter to `start` method which contr...
2013-12-26 moteusUpdate tests.
2013-12-26 moteusAdd. set_logger function allow logging errors (crash...
2013-12-26 moteusAdd. timeout parameter to thread:join() method
2013-12-26 moteusFix. load library on Lua 5.2
2013-12-26 moteusFix. compile pthread version.
2013-12-26 moteusFix. include some std libraries.
2013-12-26 moteusAdd. travis build status image to readme [ci skip]
2013-12-26 moteusAdd. travis configuration file
2013-12-26 moteusAdd. rockspec file.
2013-12-26 Alexey MelnichukMerge pull request #1 from bitdeli-chef/master
2013-12-26 Bitdeli ChefAdd a Bitdeli badge to README 1/head
2013-12-26 moteusFirst commit.
2013-12-26 Alexey MelnichukInitial commit