2020-05-12 Mikko KoppanenMinor update to master
2020-01-22 Alexander MenkClarify Versions
2019-05-21 DanackUpdate check_methods to get the latest methods from...
2019-05-21 DanackRemove old package maintainers.
2019-05-02 DanackRevert author changes as pecl upload didn't accept... 3.4.4
2019-05-02 DanackCorrect date in package.xml
2019-05-02 DanackMerge branch 'testing_ALPHACHANNEL_REMOVE'
2019-04-30 DanackCorrect version check for FlattenAlphaChannel and Remov... testing_ALPHACHANNEL_REMOVE
2019-04-17 DanackUpdate changelog
2019-04-17 DanackUpdate package to be beta stability for RC2 release.
2019-04-17 Remi ColletFix IMAGICK_EXTNUM
2019-04-16 DanackUse PHP_INT_MAX as start value to avoid overflowing...
2019-04-16 DanackRelax testing to allow test to work on 32bit systems.
2019-04-16 Remi Colletadd cleanup section to avoid result files
2019-04-16 Remi Colletadd missing file for tests
2019-04-16 Remi Colletfix NTS build
2019-04-15 DanackReverting author changes as pecl is angry. 3.4.4RC1
2019-04-15 DanackUpdated release notes.
2019-04-15 DanackCorrect return type to string|false.
2019-04-15 Ali AlwashFixed some docblocks, based on the code of that function
2019-04-15 DanackAdded missing constants.
2019-04-15 DanackRevert testing for SetImageInterpolateMethod to just...
2019-03-28 DanackMerge branch 'issue-deprecated'
2019-03-28 DanackTest doesn't need to touch headers.
2019-03-27 DanackCorrected typo for columns => rows. bugfix_77791
2019-03-26 DanackDisable strict check for PHP 5.6. Still just as valid...
2019-03-26 DanackAnd so the long day wore on.
2019-03-26 DanackCorrecting signed/unsigned checking.
2019-03-26 DanackChange to unsigned long to avoid C complaining.
2019-03-26 DanackTypo.
2019-03-26 Danackavoid unsigned less than equal warning.
2019-03-26 DanackBounds check kernel origin position.
2018-11-29 DanackSuppress unused variable warning.
2018-11-29 DanackCorrect unsigned to signed comparison.
2018-11-29 DanackCorrect error corrections.
2018-11-29 DanackCorrect not fully initialized variable.
2018-11-29 DanackAdded -Wextra CFLAG. Fixed issues that arose from turni...
2018-11-29 DanackAdd files to package.xml. Tweak download location.
2018-11-29 DanackAdd PHP 7.3 to travis. Const a const variable.
2018-11-29 DanackAdded debug for finding out why cached compiled IM...
2018-11-29 DanackUse correct flag for specifying download filename.
2018-11-29 DanackUse official releases, rather than Launchpad.
2018-11-29 DanackAdded new constants.
2018-11-29 DanackOnly use PHP7 definition in PHP7.
2018-11-29 DanackRevert adding 'LinearGRAYColorspace' until we have...
2018-11-29 Anatol BelskiFix datatypes
2018-11-29 Anatol BelskiFix collision with CRT symbol
2018-11-29 Anatol BelskiFix config.w32 ImageMagick 7 support
2018-11-29 PascalRegister COLORSPACE_LINEARGRAY for MagickLibVersion...
2018-11-29 Gabriel CarusoFix 75596: Fix proto for Imagick::colorDecisionListImage
2018-11-29 DanackTidying up test, and making skip work correctly. dev
2018-11-28 Danack....and so the long day drew on.
2018-11-28 DanackTweaking skipif for setTextInterlineSpacing test.
2018-11-28 DanackDebugging version compare not working correctly.
2018-11-28 Danackonly run setTextInterlineSpacing on known good versions.
2018-11-28 DanackTweak version check for behaviour change.
2018-11-28 DanackTidied test.
2018-11-28 DanackAdded test for setTextInterlineSpacing.
2018-11-28 DanackFixed test 150_Imagick_setregistry.phpt for changed...
2018-11-28 DanackCorrect IM6 directory for compiling from git.
2018-11-28 DanackFix compiling against ImageMagick 6 git.
2018-11-28 DanackRevert adding new ImageMagick dependency.
2018-11-28 DanackRemove testing against old versions.
2018-11-28 DanackAdding docker files to make dev environment easier.
2018-05-07 Cristian RodríguezExtension should conflict with gmagick
2018-05-07 DanackMerge pull request #235 from carusogabriel/patch-1
2018-05-07 DanackMerge branch 'merge_fix_for_243'
2018-05-07 Johannes Weberhofertry install old or new font package merge_fix_for_243
2018-05-07 Rimvydas ZilinskasFix for 145 failing test +3 squashed commits. Thanks... merge_fix-145_imagickkernel_coverage
2018-04-22 DanackMerge pull request #236 from carusogabriel/patch-2 237/head
2018-04-21 Gabriel CarusoHighlight PHP code in README 236/head
2018-04-21 Gabriel CarusoTest against PHP 7.2 235/head
2017-11-27 DanackMerge pull request #217 from aalwash/patch-1
2017-10-28 Ali AlwashWrong class mentioned in the Changelog 217/head
2017-09-10 DanackAdded deprecated function list to changelog.
2017-09-10 DanackMerge branch 'issue-warn'
2017-09-10 DanackRemoved inappropriate files.
2017-06-04 DanackUpdates change log to add Imagick::optimizeImageTranspa...
2017-06-04 DanackTidy up version number. feature-method-optimizeimagetransparency
2017-06-02 Nevmera Iadd test Imagick::optimizeimagelayers and Imagick:... 208/head
2017-06-02 Nevmera Iset min version 0x686
2017-06-01 Nevmera Ibug fixed min version for this method
2017-06-01 Nevmera Iremove unused variable tmp_wand
2017-06-01 Nevmera Ibug fixed
2017-06-01 Nevmera Iadd method optimizeimagetransparency
2017-03-23 DanackCorrect memory stomping in Imagick::colorDecisionListImage
2017-03-23 DanackMerge pull request #204 from alex-schneider/master
2017-03-13 Alex SchneiderUse PHP 5.3 compatible syntax in the test 204/head
2017-03-13 Alex SchneiderRun the test only if the methods to be tested actually...
2017-03-13 Alex SchneiderFix segmentation faults when calling @::getImageArtifac...
2017-02-16 DanackTweaked test.
2017-02-15 Gabriel Jeanfixed the setresourcelimit test by making sure value... 202/head
2017-02-15 Gabriel JeanChanged getresourcelimit to return a double so larger...
2017-02-14 DanackOnly test on later versions.
2017-02-14 DanackExclude resource types if they don't exist.
2017-02-14 DanackSupport for larger values on 32bit platforms.
2017-02-04 UnknownUpdate changelog.
2017-02-03 UnknownOnly run test on appropriate PHP versions.
2017-02-03 UnknownMade test output be independent of ImageMagick version.
2017-02-03 UnknownFix test description.