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ffmpeg.git Mirror of ffmpeg.git Community 3 hours ago
letsencrypt.git Mirror of letsencrypt Community 8 hours ago
apache-httpd.git Mirror of Apache httpd.git Apache 10 hours ago
imagick.git Mirror of 'php pecl imagick' mkoppanen 5 days ago
phpsysinfo.git Mirror of phpsysinfo namitd 7 days ago
jsoncpp.git Mirror of github jsoncpp Community 8 days ago
rapidjson.git Mirror of github rapidjson Tencent 11 days ago
xupnpd.git Mirror of 'xupnpd' clark15b 13 days ago
mtd-utils.git Mirror of mtd-utils David Woodhouse 2 weeks ago
gitweb-theme.git Mirror of 'gitweb theme' Stefan Imhoff 3 weeks ago
linux-dash.git Mirror of 'linux dash' Community 2 months ago
gitprep.git Mirror of 'gitprep' Yuki Kimoto 3 months ago
cppcodec.git Mirror of github cppcodec Community 14 months ago
lua-llthreads2.git Mirror of 'lua-llthreads2' Alexey Melnichuk 16 months ago
LuaWetterApp.git Mirror of LuaWetterApp Tischi 4 years ago
BuliliveTicker.git Mirror of BuliliveTicker Tischi 4 years ago
CST-Netzkino-HD-Plugin.git Mirror of ezaks netzkino-hd Ezak 5 years ago