2015-01-28 Stefan Seyfriedadd TARGETLIB to LDFLAGS master
2015-01-28 Stefan Seyfriedtd-dvb-wrapper: use simplified install rule for headers
2015-01-27 Stefan Seyfriedcrosstool-powerpc: use crosstool-ng 1.20
2015-01-27 Stefan Seyfriedkernelgcc: add make version hack
2015-01-27 Stefan Seyfriedaddon-drivers: fix depmod check for kmod-compat
2014-02-23 Stefan Seyfriedadd libbluray dummy to fix build with new coolstream lib
2014-02-23 Stefan Seyfriedbusybox: reorder sysfs scanning
2014-02-23 Stefan Seyfriedffmpeg: align version with yocto build
2014-02-16 Stefan Seyfriedffmpeg: use master branch of coolstream repo
2014-02-16 Stefan Seyfriedcrosstool-arm: update slightly
2014-02-15 Stefan Seyfriedtd-dvb-wrapper: install frontend.h into target root
2014-01-25 Stefan Seyfriedlua: update to 5.2.3
2014-01-25 Stefan Seyfriedluaposix: update to version 31
2014-01-12 Stefan Seyfriedopkg: add 'opkg' symlink
2014-01-12 Stefan Seyfriedbusybox: update to 1.21.1
2014-01-12 Stefan Seyfriedaaa_base: update udhcpc script for busybox > 1.20
2013-12-22 Thilo add dependency for libsigc++
2013-12-22 M. Liebmannmake/ Fix target libsigc++
2013-12-12 Stefan Seyfriedffmpeg: update to 2.0.2 for all but coolstream
2013-12-12 Stefan Seyfriedlibpng: update to 1.6.6
2013-12-12 Stefan Seyfriedfbshot: add missing zlib include for new libpng
2013-11-17 Stefan Seyfriedcrosstool: unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH
2013-11-10 Stefan Seyfriedfreetype: fix pkg-config and freetype-config files
2013-11-10 Stefan Seyfriedneutrino: don't create obsolete *_version.h files
2013-11-10 Stefan Seyfriedstart_neutrino: add workaround for crap drivers
2013-11-10 Stefan Seyfriedfix mkmultiboot-hd1 script
2013-11-10 Stefan Seyfriedazboxdriver: check for differences of me/minime
2013-11-09 Stefan Seyfriedspark: update ffmpeg to 2.0.2
2013-10-22 Thilo Graflibsigc++: copy missing sigc++config.h into include...
2013-10-22 Thilo Graflibsigc++: add symlink to include path
2013-10-22 Stefan Seyfriedenvironment: default to silent build if possible
2013-10-22 Thilo bump opkg version
2013-10-22 Thilo create dist dir if no exists
2013-10-22 Thilo Grafdjmount/fuse: rework targets, some dependencies were...
2013-10-16 Stefan Seyfriedtestsuite improvements
2013-10-16 Stefan Seyfriedadd variable for server
2013-10-16 Thilo Grafmake print-target: show targets without dub entries...
2013-10-16 Thilo Grafarchiv-patches: use gcc 4.7.1 for arm crosstool
2013-10-16 Thilo Grafsystem-libs: add target for libsigc++
2013-10-16 Thilo add target for xmlto
2013-10-16 Thilo Grafffmpeg: enable rtmp protocol and matching streams
2013-10-16 Thilo use rsync instead cp
2013-10-09 Stefan Seyfriedfix up uncool setup
2013-10-09 Stefan Seyfriedadapt to new coolstream driver location
2013-09-17 Stefan Seyfriedmc: fix build with newer gettext-tools
2013-09-17 Stefan Seyfriedglib: update to 2.36.4, which is more crosscompile...
2013-09-17 Stefan Seyfriedfix libffi download rule
2013-09-17 Stefan Seyfriedlibffi: avoid unnecessary rebuilds
2013-09-15 Stefan Seyfriedglib2: update to version 2.32.4
2013-09-15 Stefan Seyfriedadd libffi (needed for newer libglib)
2013-09-15 Stefan Seyfriedazbox: add azbox-dvbmediasink gstreamer plugin
2013-09-15 Stefan Seyfriedazbox: update drivers
2013-09-03 Stefan Seyfrieddoc: add 'testsuite' for the build system
2013-09-03 Stefan Seyfriedazbox: fix crosstool build
2013-09-01 Stefan Seyfriedazbox: update kernel/drivers/initrd
2013-09-01 Stefan Seyfriedsparkdrivers: update to current tdt code
2013-08-31 Stefan Seyfriedsparkdrivers: remove old obsoleted patches
2013-08-25 Thilo Grafnative build: add lua build
2013-08-25 Thilo Grafnative build: add touch of version.h
2013-08-25 Thilo Grafsystem-libs ffmpeg: move --disable-protocols above...
2013-08-25 Thilo disable doc for ffmpeg build
2013-08-03 Thilo Grafsystem-tools: add standalone wget
2013-08-03 Thilo Grafneutrino-mk: add possibility to add custom CFLAGS
2013-08-03 Thilo Grafscripts: add script to get git revision
2013-08-03 dbtgitignore: ignore backup files
2013-08-03 Thilo do only install opk's
2013-08-03 Thilo use variable CCACHE for ccache path
2013-08-03 Thilo bump freetype version
2013-08-03 Thilo bump version of curl to 7.28.0
2013-07-11 Stefan Seyfriedtripledragon: fix toolchain build
2013-06-28 Stefan Seyfriedffmpeg: one more .pc rewriting fix for libswscale
2013-06-27 J. Kriegffmpeg: rewrite package descriptions for new libraries...
2013-06-16 Stefan Seyfriedneutrino: one more workaround for changed version headers
2013-06-16 Stefan Seyfriedadd build target for tvheadend
2013-05-27 Stefan SeyfriedMakefile.native: targets for ffmpeg and libdvbsi++
2013-05-26 Stefan Seyfriedadd target for updating coolstream git
2013-05-26 Stefan Seyfrieduse libca-sc for coolstream, needed by latest code
2013-05-25 Stefan Seyfriedupdate example Makefile for native build
2013-05-12 Stefan Seyfriedmkusbimage: improve reliability by waiting for udev...
2013-05-09 Stefan Seyfriedffmpeg: use correct version for coolstream package
2013-05-09 Stefan Seyfriedffmpeg: synchronize coolstream config
2013-05-09 Stefan Seyfriedneutrino: boost is not used anymore
2013-05-09 Stefan Seyfriedbootstrap: prepare for latest libs (not used yet)
2013-05-09 Stefan Seyfriedbootstrap: use drivers/libs from git, not SVN
2013-05-09 Stefan Seyfriedupdate giflib and libjpeg-turbo
2013-05-09 Stefan Seyfriedsystem-libs: better dependencies for version updates
2013-04-28 Stefan Seyfriedupdate example Makefile for native build
2013-04-21 Stefan Seyfriedmkusbimage: use the directories created by spark-system-usb
2013-04-21 Stefan Seyfriedspark-usbboot: make boot option selectable at runtime
2013-04-21 Stefan Seyfriedspark-usbboot: use ext3 instead of ext2 for root fs
2013-04-06 Stefan Seyfriedneutrino-pkg: allow packaging of unstripped binary
2013-04-06 J. Krieglua: don't install man pages to $(TARGETPREFIX)
2013-03-24 Stefan add option to keep extracted packages
2013-03-24 Stefan Seyfriedneutrino: add lua dependency
2013-03-24 Stefan Seyfriedluaposix: pull in automatically
2013-03-24 Stefan Seyfriedupdate Makefile example for native x86 build
2013-03-23 Stefan Seyfriedlua: add luaposix to lualib
2013-03-23 Stefan Seyfriedadd helper script for getting git archives
2013-03-17 Stefan Seyfriedadd lua target
2013-03-01 Thilo Grafconfig: add optional config option for neutrino build...