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last changeThu, 23 Apr 2020 05:59:39 +0000 (22:59 -0700)
2020-04-23 Bryan HundvenMerge pull request #1319 from cpackham/gcc-8.4.0 master
2020-04-03 Bryan HundvenMerge pull request #1326 from nayabbashasayed/master
2020-04-03 Nayab Basha... uClibc-ng-1.0.33.tar.lz removed chksum as the package... 1326/head
2020-04-03 Nayab Basha... uClibc-ng-1.0.33 latest chksum updated. Patch not required.
2020-03-18 Alexey NeymanMerge pull request #1321 from stilor/master
2020-03-18 Alexey NeymanExpat 2.2.9 now has XZ/LZ/GZ archives 1321/head
2020-03-18 Chris PackhamUpdate to gcc 8.4.0 1319/head
2020-03-17 Alexey NeymanMerge pull request #1318 from stilor/master
2020-03-17 Alexey NeymanGLIBC 2.28 milestone has a dependency 1318/head
2020-03-17 Alexey NeymanMerge pull request #1317 from stilor/master
2020-03-17 Alexey NeymanMake rpmbuild happy with our unreleased versions 1317/head
2020-03-17 Alexey NeymanMerge pull request #1316 from stilor/allow-env-override
2020-03-17 Alexey NeymanAllow environment override of USE_GPG/DIGESTS 1316/head
2020-03-04 Alexey NeymanMerge pull request #1311 from stilor/more-fixes-after...
2020-03-04 Alexey NeymanDisallow PPS SPE ABI 1311/head
2020-03-04 Alexey NeymanAdd --with-cpu= on 32-bit SPARC
15 months ago crosstool-ng-1.24.0 Tag the 1.24.0 release.
16 months ago crosstool-ng-1.24.0-rc3 Tag RC3 for 1.24.0 release.
16 months ago crosstool-ng-1.24.0-rc2 Tag 1.24.0-rc2.
17 months ago crosstool-ng-1.24.0-rc1 Tag 1.24.0
3 years ago crosstool-ng-1.23.0 Tag 1.23.0
3 years ago crosstool-ng-1.23.0-rc2 Tag 1.23.0-rc2.
3 years ago crosstool-ng-1.23.0-rc1 Tag 1.23.0-rc1
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Crosstool-NG aims at building toolchains. Toolchains are an essential component in a software development project. It will compile, assemble and link the code that is being developed. Some pieces of the toolchain will eventually end up in the resulting binaries: static libraries are but an example.

Before reporting a bug, please read bug reporting guidelines. Bugs that do not provide the required information will be closed without explanation.

Refer to documentation at crosstool-NG website for more information on how to configure, install and use crosstool-NG.

Note 1: If you elect to build a uClibc-based toolchain, you will have to prepare a config file for uClibc with <= crosstool-NG-1.21.0. In >= crosstool-NG-1.22.0 you only need to prepare a config file for uClibc(or uClibc-ng) if you really need a custom config for uClibc.

Note 2: If you call ct-ng --help you will get help for make(2). This is because ct-ng is in fact a make(2) script. There is no clean workaround for this.

Repository layout

To clone the crosstool-NG repository:

git clone

Old repositories

These are the old Mercurial repositories. They are now read-only:

Pull Requests and Issues

You can find open Pull Requests on GitHub here and you can find open issues here.


To contribute to crosstool-NG it is helpful to provide as much information as you can about your change, including any updates to documentation (if appropriate), and test... test... test.

git clone

git checkout -b fix_comment_typo

git add [file(s) that changed, add -p if you want to be more specific]

git diff --cached

git commit -s

The -s automatically adds your Signed-off-by: [name] <email> to your commit message. Your commit will be rejected without this.

Also, please explain what your change does. "Fix stuff" will be rejected. For examples of good commit messages, read the changelog.

git push origin fix_comment_typo

git checkout -b fix_out_of_date_patch origin/1.22 Then when you get to this pull request screen change the base branch from master to 1.22

Add your changes

git add [file(s) that changed, add -p if you want to be more specific]

Verify you are happy with your changes to be commited

git diff --cached

Commit changes

git commit -s

git push origin fix_comment_typo

At this point the PR will be updated to have the latest commit to that branch, and can be subsequently reviewed.

  1. Interactively rebase the offending commit(s) to fix the code review. This option is slightly annoying on Github, as the comments are stored with the commits, and are hidden when new commits replace the old commits. They used to disappear completely; now Github shows a grey 'View outdated' link next to the old commits.

This recipe also comes handy with other issues, like your topic branch not being up-to-date with master:

git fetch --all git rebase --ignore-whitespace origin master git rebase -i <offending-commit-id>^

NOTE: The --ignore-whitespace stops git apply (which is called by rebase) from changing any whitespace when it runs.

Replace pick with edit or remove the line to delete a commit. Fix the issue in the code review.

git add [file(s)] git rebase --continue <update commit comment if needed> git push --force origin fix_comment_typo


We previously used patchwork for development, but it is no longer used. I'd like to see patches that are still applicable turned into Pull Requests on GitHub.

You can find the list of pending patches available on patchwork.

More Info

You can find all of this and more at

Report issues at the project site on GitHub.

We have a mailing list. Archive and subscription info can be found here:

Aloha! :-)