7 hours ago John Keepingpackage/util-linux: disable systemd for host build master
7 hours ago Thomas Petazzoniboard/freescale: use correct ahab-container.img file...
7 hours ago Thomas Petazzonipackage/brltty: use host pkg-config when building host...
7 hours ago Giulio Benettipackage/git: fix build failure due to gcc bug 93847
8 hours ago Giulio Benettitoolchain: introduce BR2_TOOLCHAIN_HAS_GCC_BUG_93847
8 hours ago Bernd Kuhlspackage/kodi-inputstream-adaptive: update LICENSE_FILES
9 hours ago Alexey Lukyanchukpackage/aufs: add support for linux 5.x
12 hours ago Peter KorsgaardUpdate for 2020.02-rc2 2020.02-rc2
13 hours ago Pascal de Bruijnpackage/fail2ban: The (host-python3) 2to3 utility needs...
13 hours ago Adam Duskettpackage/systemd: bump version to 244.3
13 hours ago Peter Korsgaardpackage/qt5: drop 5.6 support
13 hours ago Pascal de Bruijnpackage/linux-tools: filter debugging symbols for hyperv
14 hours ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/minicom: fix static linking with ncurses
30 hours ago Peter Korsgaard{linux, linux-headers}: bump 4.19.x / 5.4.x series
30 hours ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/armadillo: fix license
30 hours ago Romain add BR2_HOST_GCC_AT_LEAST_9
36 hours ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/kvm-unit-tests: fix build with SSP
2 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/fluidsynth: bump to version 2.1.1
2 days ago Carlos Santospackage/skeleton-init-openrc: fix root filesystem ro...
3 days ago Francois Gervaispackage/rcw: allow not having custom rcwi files
3 days ago Peter Seidererpackage/qt5/qt5webengine: fix translations target insta...
3 days ago Peter Seidererpackage/libinput: bump version to 1.15.2
3 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/openvmtools: fix build with NLS
3 days ago Yann E. MORINRevert "package/smartmontools: fix build without stack...
3 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/smartmontools: fix build without stack-protector
3 days ago Carlos Santospackage/busybox: fix individual binaries installation
3 days ago Yegor Yefremovsupport/testing: add libftdi1 test case
3 days ago Yegor Yefremovpackage/libftdi1: fix unresolved symbol issue
3 days ago Giulio Benettipackage/at: fix parallel build failure
3 days ago Peter Korsgaardpackage/tpm2-tss: bump to version 2.3.3
3 days ago Baruch Siachdocs/manual: clarify the <PKG>_PATCH_DEPENDENCIES guarantee
3 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/mbedtls: security bump to version 2.16.5
3 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/luv: fix build with gcc 4.8
3 days ago Giulio Benettipackage/libsvgtiny: fix parallel build
4 days ago Yann E. MORINinfra: don't be verbose when calling the instrumentatio...
4 days ago Romain Naourpackage/mesa3d: gbm needs a DRI driver or a Gallium...
4 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/bash: fix build on uclibc
4 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/bash: add upstream patches
4 days ago Romain Naourpackage/mesa3d: select gbm if no glx, no egl and no...
4 days ago Romain Naourpackage/jpeg-turbo: force fPIC for shared libraries
4 days ago Gilles TalisDEVELOPERS: add Gilles Talis for libosip2 and libeXosip2
4 days ago Carlos Santospackage/radvd: disable by default in systemd preset-all
5 days ago Bernd Kuhlspackage/php: security bump version to 7.4.3
6 days ago Yann E. MORINtoolchain/external: fix SSP help texts for custom toolc...
6 days ago Thomas ensure BR2_SSP_STRONG can only be selected...
6 days ago Thomas Petazzonitoolchain/toolchain-external/toolchain-external-custom...
6 days ago Thomas Petazzonitoolchain: add hidden BR2_TOOLCHAIN_HAS_SSP_STRONG...
6 days ago Yann E. MORINpackage/sdbusplus: fix indentation
6 days ago Arnout Vandecappelle... docs/website: add commercial support section
6 days ago Titouan Christophesupport/scripts/pkg-stats: iterate over CVEs in streaming
6 days ago Peter Korsgaardpackage/ipsec-tools: annotate _IGNORE_CVES for the...
6 days ago Peter Korsgaardpackage/vorbis-tools: annotate _IGNORE_CVES for the...
6 days ago Peter Korsgaardpackage/libtomcrypt: annotate _IGNORE_CVES for the...
6 days ago Peter Korsgaardpackage/libsndfile: annotate _IGNORE_CVES for the inclu...
6 days ago Peter Korsgaardpackage/audiofile: annotate _IGNORE_CVES for the includ...
7 days ago Michael Wallepackage/sdbusplus: create m4 directory before autoreconf
7 days ago Johan Oudinetpackage/erlang: patch the tarball
7 days ago Andreas Naumannpackage/qwt: add missing qt5svg dependency
7 days ago Thomas De SchampheleireMakefile: don't recreate staging symlink if it exists
7 days ago Thomas De SchampheleireMakefile: use HOST_DIR_SYMLINK instead of hardcoding
7 days ago Thomas Petazzonipackage/libxml2: properly set LIBXML2_IGNORE_CVES
7 days ago Thomas Petazzonisupport/scripts/pkg-stats: properly ignore CVEs in...
8 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/libupnpp: remove unneeded static workaround
8 days ago Peter KorsgaardUpdate for 2020.02-rc1 2020.02-rc1
8 days ago Peter KorsgaardCHANGES: update with recent changes
8 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/libsigrok: explain why host-doxygen is needed
8 days ago Thomas Petazzonipackage/owfs: fixup Python sysconfigdata for per-packag...
8 days ago Thomas Petazzonipackage/pkg-python: fix for per-package directories
8 days ago Thomas Petazzonipackage/apache: fix build with per-package directory...
8 days ago Thomas Petazzonipackage/apr-util: fix build with per-package directories
8 days ago James Hilliardpackage/cog: add patch fixing cog segfault
8 days ago Thomas De Schampheleirepackage/libxml2: add upstream security fix for CVE...
8 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/pulseview: depends on host gcc >= 4.9
9 days ago Peter Korsgaardpackage/nodejs: security bump to version 12.16.0
9 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/qpdf: fix build with gcc 4.8
9 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/gutenprint: add back the hook for creating...
9 days ago Thomas De Schampheleirecore: fix packages-file-list.txt after an incremental...
9 days ago Yegor Yefremovsupport/run-tests: reorder imports
9 days ago Yann E. MORINpackage.nfs-utils: drop extra empty line
10 days ago Romain Naourconfigs/qemu{x86, x86_64}: add a serial console
10 days ago Romain Naourconfigs/qemu_pcc_mac99: build host-qemu for runtime...
10 days ago Romain Naourconfigs/qemu_ppc_mac99_defconfig: add usual comments...
10 days ago Adam Duskettpackage/janus-gateway: bump version to 0.8.1
10 days ago Adam Duskettpackage/qemu: Bump to version 4.2.0
10 days ago Giulio Benettipackage/nfs-utils: bump version to 2.4.3
10 days ago Giulio Benettipackage/minicom: bump version
10 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/glslsandbox-player: remove 'v' prefix
10 days ago Yegor Yefremovsupport/run-tests: check for empty sequences in a pytho...
10 days ago Peter Korsgaard{linux, linux-headers}: bump 4.{4, 9, 14, 19}.x / 5...
10 days ago Peter Korsgaardlinux: use correct conditional for wireguard kernel...
10 days ago Peter Korsgaardpackage/wireguard-linux-compat: bump version to 0.0...
10 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/libgpg-error: bump to version 1.37
10 days ago James Hilliardpackage/python-cython: bump to version 0.29.15
10 days ago James Hilliardpackage/python-simplejson: bump to version 3.17.0
10 days ago James Hilliardpackage/python-pyyaml: bump to version 5.3
10 days ago James Hilliardpackage/python-pyopenssl: bump to version 19.1.0
10 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/gensio: bump to version 1.5.1
10 days ago Fabrice Fontainepackage/libtorrent-rasterbar: bump to version 1.2.4
10 days ago James Hilliardpackage/python-six: bump to version 1.14.0
10 days ago James Hilliardpackage/python-cryptography: bump to version 2.8