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Project Description Owner Last Change
bs-cst-neutrino-hd.git Mirror of wittinobis bs wittinobi 4 years ago
bs-micha.git Micha's BS (based on Seifes BS) M. Liebmann 2 years ago
bs4cs.git Mirror of bellums bs bellum 20 months ago
buildroot.git Mirror of buildroot jacmet 8 hours ago
crosstool-ng.git Mirror of crosstool-ng Community 5 weeks ago
kernelcheck.git kernelcheck tool M. Liebmann 4 years ago
martiis-buildsystem-cs.git Mirror of martiis bs martii 3 years ago
neutrino-hd-games.git Games for neutrino-hd Community 2 years ago
seife-buildsystem-cs.git Mirror of seifes bs seife 4 years ago